Save on electricity bills & get Revenue Assurance

Qube is a platform that allows commercial building owners to reduce their energy consumption. We help you understand how energy is used in the building and give you control over all of your appliances.


Wastage of electricity in buildings

Commercial buildings can waste up to 40% of their energy consumption to wasteful or unused appliances. Our suite of hardware devices and cloud dashboard allows you to control, measure and automate appliances in your building.

Revenue Leakage

If you have multiple properties, your hotel staff might be involved in under the table bookings. Qube allows you to track occupancy of each room and supply power to a room only when a booking is made on your PMS.

Energy Metering

Monitor energy consumption of your rooms and heavy appliances in your building and know your exact electricity costs. Know how much to charge your tenants right on the dashboard.


Our devices can help you monitor and control your building

We install our devices in your building which help us get occupancy and energy usage information from your property. Using this data we provide insights into your building's energy consumption patterns and allow you to control your appliances accordingly.


Our custom designed hardware help us understand your property's energy consumption.


Our entire software stack is built from ground up to help you monitor, control and take actions on your energy data.


Write automated rules to get notified or automatically switch appliances ON and OFF.

Like to know more?

Talk to us and understand how Qube can help you save more.


Energy Usage

Monitor how much electricity is being consumed by different parts of your property.

Remote Control

Control your appliances remotely from any part of the world.


Write automated rules to get notified or automatically switch appliances ON and OFF.

Save Money

Appliances don't run when they aren't required. You save money!

Simple Setup

You don't need extensive rewiring to install our devices. It's plug and play!


Integrate your system with Qube via our APIs. Making it more seamless for you.


Get in touch

Let's get on a call and give us a chance to explain how we can help you out.


We understand your pain points and try to get a clear picture of how you would like to solve it.


We recommend you one, two or N number of devices that might help your resolve your problem. You decide which ones to install.


We manufacture and ship the devices to your door. The setup is extremely simple, requiring only a local electrician.