Changing the way you

Qube is an energy platform that allows homes and businesses
to understand and control their energy consumption.

Complete Energy Monitoring

A single dashboard for analysing, controlling, and reducing your household or building's energy use. Know in realtime what's running in your property.

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Automation Simplified

Create rules to automatically manage your building. Daily at 7 PM, turn on outside lights. When no one is in the room, switch off the air conditioner.

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Detailed Reports

Obtain precise information about everything that occurs on your property. Insights about how to enhance your energy efficiency, etc.

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Why Qube


Through REST endpoints, our API delivers all data as JSON strings.


WiFi is used to connect all of our devices. There is no need to connect cables to a gateway.

Offline first

Even in the absence of internet access, our platform functions well.


We provide our devices on a subscription basis, which makes them incredibly accessible.


Our devices are capable of collecting data several times per second.


Developers can use our open API to intergrate Qube into third party applications.


Our automation engine can be used to develop sophisticated rules to manage your building.


Our gadgets are extremely affordable, making them accessible to the public.


Run and manage your complete building's electricity without doing anything.

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